Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The contractors from Waterproofing Associates were working early this morning touching up the balcony. Because it had been raining when they first applied the material, they wanted to come back and make it look nice.

Later in the morning the low voltage installers showed up to finish running a few cat-5 wires. The plumber was also there fixing the shower heads and adding the hot water recirc lines to the first and second floors. And the roofers were there finishing up the roof.

In the afternoon we met with Brad. The city inspector showed up a little later for the rough framing inspection. Some of Brad's subcontractors were also there, including Rick from KC Construction and Jeff and Dan from CB Electric Co. The inspector noted a few items including:

1. We'll need to use unfaced insulation in the dining room soffits.

2. He couldn't find where the vent for the guest bath or power room. I think Brad will check with the plumber.

3. We need a smoke detector in the basement near the stair landing and in the first floor hallway. Also smoke detectors need a trailing wire so they all go off at once.

Note to Brad: The electrical boxes mounted high on the walls in the basement hallway and the first floor hallway... they are for the secondary smoke detectors (for the home security / home automation system), not the primary system. That's why they don't have the trailing wire.

4. The laundry room joists need to the strapped because of all the ducting that cut through the existing joists. Rick's going to take care of that.

5. The inspector wondered why we had a grounding strap by the jacuzzi. He pointed out that modern pumps are double-insulated and that if they are gounded, it defeats the purpose.

6. We need more clearance around the attic furnace as well as a wider walkway. They'll have to move the furnace over a few inches. I think Rick will work on that too.

7. Some duct work was damaged by the roofers and needs to be repaired.

8. We need a bunch of nail plates in various places.

Here's what the house looks like with the roof completed. I need to call SolarCity to let them know they can start installing their panels any day now.

It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow morning -- we'll soon see if we're completely water tight!

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