Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This morning I drove down to Cornelia's and picked up two Mountain Plumbing waste and overflow kits for the two Kohler Villager bath tubs. On the way back up to the job site I stopped by Dana's office and dropped off the signed contract. He has already finished building all the boxes for the vanities and the jacuzzi front and started working on the laundry cabinets! While I was there, Brad called to tell me the sheetrockers had started their work! Wow!

I pulled up to the job site at the same time as Victor, the plumber, and gave him the waste and overflow kits for the two tubs. He and his assistant got right to work, installing the basement tub and working on the hot water recirc for the second floor.

The sheetrockers had started in the basement, and by the time I had arrived, they were about half way done with the basement.

Sebastian and his crew from SolarCity were also there, continuing to install the solar panels. He said they're putting up 16 panels, but I just checked our contract and it's says 18 panels, so I need to follow up with him...

I talked to him about where to locate the DC disconnect switch. We decided, that rather than putting it in the attic, a better place would be tucked in the corner of the back balcony. It may not look great, but at least it will be accessible.

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