Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When we arrived at the job site this morning, Brad was meeting with Parker and Anthony from Sunnyvale Lumber. They were discussing the interior doors and all the mouldings -- base boards, crowns, and door and window casings. There is a small issue with both the powder room

and the guest bathroom

because the HVAC vents in those rooms are located high up on the walls, too close to the ceilings and where the crown mouldings will be. We'll have to come up with a work-around.

We met with Claudia at the job site this morning and spent a very productive two hours with her, going over the tile designs in all of the rooms. At this point we are probably 90% done with the tile design, and it looks like we'll be using Mediterranean Beige Medium Standard travertine throughout most of the house with different accents in each of the rooms. We still have a few details to think through and a couple of ideas to run by Claudia before we're completely done, but we are making great progress.

Umberto's crew from Alliance Drywall was working all day on the bull nose corners and putting mud on the screw heads. Unfortunately, because of the cold weather, the mud is drying very slowly. Brad needs us to bring over whatever fans we have, and he's going to get some heaters in there to help.

Brad wants us to get moving on the garage door. I'll try to make a trip down to Sousa's Garage Doors tomorrow.

Also, Dana called this afternoon and asked how we're doing on the kitchen design. I told him we're focused on the tiles right now and that we'll try to get back to him by the end of the week. He said that tomorrow he'll have stained cabinets (master bath and guest bath) for us to see, if we're interested. Of course we're interested!

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