Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We had another busy day today. This morning I went to Sousa's Garage Doors and got some information about Carriage House wood garage doors.

I also stopped by Union Stone to look for a floor medallion for the entry area. I didn't find any interesting medallions, but they do have pre-fabricated marble countertops with bullnose and ogee bullnose edges. They're about eight feet long with edging on the front and either the left or right sides. The prices are very reasonable, and I might be able to use them in the workout room and storage room -- places where there's just a simple, straight row of cabinets.

We made yet another trip to Bedrosians to work on the final details of the tile designs and picked up a few more samples of accents. We had sent a spreadsheet to Claudia describing all of our choices for each of the rooms. She said she'll take a look at it tomorrow and get back to us.

This afternoon we stopped by Dana's workshop and took a look at our (almost) finished cabinets. They look awesome! This first picture shows our guest bath vanity doors (left) and master bath vanity doors.

Here's a picture of all our cabinets stacked up ready to be installed.

And this is a picture of our jacuzzi tub front. The fluted, angle piece turned out really nice.

At the job site, the drywall installers from Alliance Drywall continued to attach bullnose corners and apply mud to the screw heads and joints. I brought our box fan (Brad brought heaters) to try and warm up the house and help dry the mud.

Outside, the contractors from European Lathing & Plastering started applying the brown coat. This is the second of three coats of stucco.

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