Monday, January 29, 2007

This morning Brad called to say the drywall installers were starting to texture the walls!

He had told them to put on an old world texture, and he wanted us to go by the job site to see if it looked okay. We were able to see the work-in-progress later in the morning and it looked fine.

Rick and Brian from KC Construction were there too, working on the panelling for the ceiling of the back patio.

We also stopped by Dana's workshop this morning and finalized the stain color for the kitchen cabinets. I emailed him the final door and drawer details so that he could start on the cabinets. We selected the Greenland M88 door with a J panel from Dutchman Doors.

Paul, the flooring contractor, dropped off a sample of hickory for us to see. I went back to the job site in the afternoon to take a look, and it is beautiful. It has lots of character with all its grain and knots.

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