Friday, January 12, 2007

I went to the house this morning and checked the sheetrock that has been hung in the basement and first floor, looking for any missing cut-outs. I found four of them so far:
  1. Romex for the wall mounted light in the closet next to the utility room.
  2. One of the two large panels in the wiring closet.
  3. An outlet in the kitchen to the right of the refrigerator, below the counter.
  4. An outlet in the guest bath on the right, above the vanity.
I need to let Brad know about these next week. I used the pictures I took of the walls last weekend and printed them out so he'll be able to locate the missing cut-outs.

We met with Dana at his office this afternoon. He was receiving a shipment of our bathroom vanity doors when we arrived, so we had a chance to look around in his workshop at our completed cabinet boxes. We met with him to work on the craft room and kitchen designs, and we were able to finalize the craft room cabinets.

Unfortunately, we have to solve a design issue with the kitchen. The problem is the transition from the crown molding on the cabinets to the crown molding in the room. Because our cabinets will extend all the way up to the ceiling, the crown at the top of the cabinets will intersect with the crown in the room wherever the cabinet starts or ends. One is stained, and the other is painted. One will be custom-made by Dana, and the other will be a standard, off-the-shelf crown. Bottom line: we need to figure out how to make the transitions not look too goofy.

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