Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The job site was bustling with activity today. The insulation installers from West Coast Insulation started early this morning. By the time I arrived around 11 AM, they had already completed most of the first and second floors. Brad said they would be done by the end of the day!

This next picture shows that proVent baffles from ADO Products were installed. They provide an air channel between the insulation and the outer plywood, something the inspector will be looking for during the insulation inspection.

Where there isn't enough room for a baffle and fiberglass insulation, they used solid foam blocks.

Sebastian and his crew from Solar City were also there today installing the photovoltaic panels!

Brian from Bonanza Heating and Air Conditioning and Dave and Dan from CB Electric Co. were making some last minute fixes to the furnace and electrical wiring, respectively.

Dana also came by to take some final measurements in the lanudry room. Late last night we gave him the green light to start on those cabinets, and he jumped right on it!

Later in the afternoon, a couple of inspectors from the city showed up to make sure all of last week's issues were corrected. Everything was okay, but one of the inspectors brought up another issue. Because Solar City used metal clad (MC) cable to run the DC power through the walls to the inverter, the inspector wants a DC disconnect located as close to the solar panels as possible. He also said he would have preferred to see metal conduit inside the walls instead of the MC cable. Sebastian is going to protect the MC cable, wherever possible, with a metal bracket. I think the inspector will be coming out again tomorrow. Brad said he wants to have the shower pans inspected.

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