Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This morning the stucco contractors from European Lathing & Plastering began applying the scratch coat. They started with the second floor and worked their way down to the first floor.

In the afternoon, we met with Brad and Dana to talk about the soffit. Even the soffitting solution to our kitchen cabinet-crown molding problem has several options! We could soffit the entire kitchen, or just the areas where there are cabinets, or just the areas where there are pipes and ducts that need to be hidden. I told Brad we would discuss the options tonight and send him an email.

After Dana left, I went over all of the missing cutouts with Brad. In my walk-through, I found over a dozen missing cutouts. I have pictures of most of them so it's easy to figure out where they should be, but one in particular, will be difficult to find. I'm 99% sure it's hidden behind the drywall and the plywood that was added around the window seat for structural support.

An inspector from the city arrived later in the afternoon to check the drywall installation. I didn't follow him and Brad around but I think everything went well. The only problem I'm aware of, is the inspector wouldn't let Brad start taping because the gas inspection wasn't signed off. But an inspector had already checked the gas installation in early January -- he just forgot to sign the inspection form, so Brad called him and he'll sign it first thing tomorrow morning.

When I finally returned home, I was pleasantly surprised to find two boxes of plumbing fixtures on our door step -- one from FaucetDepot and one from FaucetDirect -- with most of our plumbing fixtures inside (I'm still waiting on a couple of backordered items, but they should arrive in about two weeks).

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