Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One of the best solutions to our kitchen/crown molding design problem is to soffit and remove the upper-most wall cabinets. So last night I sent Dana an email asking him how much we might save by eliminating those cabinets from our kitchen plan. I stopped by his office this morning to give him the contract for the craft room cabinets and talk to him about the kitchen design. The new design for the soffitted kitchen, without the double row of wall cabinets, looks much cleaner.... it's not as busy.

This morning we had our first meeting with Denise at Tile Source to start working on tile selection. We designed the laundry room and basement bathroom. Tomorrow we're meeting with her again to see how far we can get with the other bathrooms. It will probably take a few more sessions to finish all of the tile selection.

I met with Esmeraldo at one of his job sites in Hillsborough this afternoon and looked at their finished product. Then we drove up to the Imperial Marble warehouse in South San Francisco. We picked through their remnant pieces and found ones we liked.

Brad called and we talked to him about Imperial Marble. He's very uncomfortable about bringing on a new subcontractor, someone he knows nothing about. But if Imperial Marble has a compelling price, I think I can convince him to give them a try...

We also talked to Brad about soffitting the kitchen. He's going to try and schedule a meeting tomorrow afternoon with Dana and Gary.

Now that all the drywall has been hung, I need to check the remaining rooms for any missing cutouts (why am I doing this? :-), and give a list to Brad.

Brad gave us an outline of what's happening in the next few days:
  1. Tomorrow he's going to have the drywall inspected.
  2. Also tomorrow, he'll have the stucco contractors start the scratch coat.
  3. On Thursday he'll being the carpenters back to frame the soffit.

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