Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Because of the holiday, we hadn't been to the job site for a few days. We saw Brad at the job site this morning and he had us sign some paperwork for the city to hook up our gas line. Brad really wants to heat the house so the paint will dry better and so the hardwood floor material can acclimate to the house.

Over the long weekend, the plumber installed the water heater.

The tile installers started applying mortar for the showers and tubs yesterday, and they continued that work today.

And Troy is almost completely done with the basement mouldings. Here's a picture of the window in the craftroom with all of its casing.

He's now working on the second floor. Brad's thought was that by having Troy work on the mouldings for the second floor, Phil can have easier access to paint the basement without getting in Troy's way.

Brad told us that Dana will be coming back on Monday to put in the kitchen cabinets. Brad also told us he needs us to choose our exterior and interior paint colors soon.

This afternoon we ordered our kitchen and craftroom sinks. We should be receiving them sometime next week.

We finally decided on a french door for the doorway leading to the family room. It will be a pair of stain grade walnut doors with a single, seedy pane on the top 2/3 and a panel on the bottom 1/3.

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