Friday, February 9, 2007

Frank Sousa called me this morning and I described the wood garage door design we like. He said he'll be able to send us shop drawings on Monday.

In the afternoon we drove out to Jerong Products in Hayward to look at medallions for the front entry. We actually found a mosaic we liked, and purchased it. They also have hundreds pre-fabricated granite countertops for sale. These come in 8 to 9 foot lengths with 1-1/2" double bullnose edging on three sides. It's actually quite amazing -- they ship slabs to China, fabricate the edges there (for about $3 a foot), ship the finished slabs to here, and sell them for about $200 a piece.

Later, I stopped by the job site and saw Phil and his painting crew hard at work spraying on the primer coat. He said they'll be back tomorrow to paint the ceilings.

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