Monday, February 12, 2007

The finish carpenters Troy (left) and Rob started putting in the doors today. First they moved all the doors from the living room to their respective locations, then they began installing them.

We met with Brad and Jeff from Coyne Stair and discussed the stair and railing design. He's going to send us two quotes -- one with American walnut and one with cumaru -- because we haven't decided which wood we're going to use for the floor yet.

I drove up to Imperial Marble this afternoon and met with Esmeraldo one more time to go over the choices for the slabs. Now he has nearly complete information for each of the rooms and can give a more accurate quote. Tomorrow we're meeting with Lucia from Marblus to make sure she has complete information too. Then we'll be able to best compare the two quotes.

We also went to Sunnyvale Lumber to take a look at front door locks, interior door handles and french doors with divided lights (for the main hallway).

Late this afternoon, I went back to the job site to check on the progress. Most of the doors in the basement have been hung. Also, I could tell Dana had been there because all of our cabinets (except for the kitchen) have been delivered.

Here are the basement cabinets for the laundry room, bath #1, and craft room.

The vanity for bath #2.

And the master bathroom vanity.

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