Thursday, February 8, 2007

This morning I made a short list of things we need to do and decisions we need to finalize -- over the next couple of days and weeks. These are not in any particular order.
  • Garage door - We received the garage door quote last night. We need to decide between a steel door or wooden door and work with the contractor to finalize the design.
  • Wood floor - We are probably going with the 5" unfinished (sand & finish) cumaru.
  • Interior doors - I need to check the finish on the door hinges (I didn't pay attention yesterday, but the picture I took seems to show oil-rubbed bronze hinges).
  • Stain color - We need to finalize the stain color for the kitchen cabinets.
  • Tile quote - We need a updated quote with the corrections.
  • Appliances - We need to select the dishwasher model. Almost everything else has been decided.
  • Exterior shutters - We need to order them soon.
  • Granite slabs - Once we have the tile quote (with the slab quote) from Tile Plus, we need to decide whether we want to use Imperial Marble or just go with Lucia who contracts for Tile Plus.
  • Faucets & accessories - We need to order the rest of our fixtures. And we might as well get the accessories too.
  • Exterior paint color - We have a couple of color choices. We need to test them out on a sample of stucco and then select a color.
  • Iron railings - We need to give Leonard the "okay" to start fabricating our lightwell and stair railings.

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