Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Many of the same sub-contractors were working today.

Troy and Rob finished installing all the doors (except for one in the basement that was supposed to be a right-hand door, but was ordered as a left-hand door). The material for our molding was delivered this morning.

Now they're working on the casings around the doors in the basement.

Brad has asked them to finish all of the molding (casing, baseboards, crowns) in the basement first. Once they're done, Brad will bring in the painters while they move up to the first floor.

Brian was also there continuing his installation of the two furnaces in the basement utility room.

Dana finished installing the vanity for bath #2.

When I arrived at the job site around noon, he was working on the master bath.

Then later in the afternoon, with his son there to help, he put up the wall cabinets in the craftroom and laundry room. If you click on the last picture and look closely, you can see the faint red laser beam marking a level line for placing the wall cabinets. Sheesh!

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