Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today was another one of those days, where the job site was bustling with activity.

The contractors from Tile Plus were putting up the wire mesh and backing for the mortar.

Once they're done, Brad will have to call for an inspection before they can begin tiling the showers and tubs.

Dana was there installing his cabinets. By the time I showed up, he was already done with base cabinets in the craftroom.

And he was just starting to move on to the laundry room.

Finally, Brian was there installing the last two furnaces in the mechanical room. There's already one in the attic space, for the second floor. These two are for the basement and first floor.

In the early afternoon, we drove down to Marblus and met with Lucia to pick through her remnant pile. We found everything we need for the granite counters using her remnants (which include some full slabs), except for the master bath and the kitchen.

By the late afternoon, Brian was almost done with the furnaces,

and Dana had also completed the installation of the guest bath,

bath #1,

and bath #3 vanities.

In the evening, we received an updated quote from Esmeraldo with some very aggressive pricing. Now we're in a quandary. After our meeting with Lucia this afternoon, we were all set to go with Marblus. But now Esmeraldo has beat Lucia's price by about 20% because he's thrown in almost all the remnants and slabs (including the kitchen). The only slabs we will have to purchase are the labrador antique we want for the master bath.

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