Thursday, February 22, 2007

We met with Brad this morning. Ernie had called to say the tiles had FINALLY arrived at Bedrosians. The sales people at Bedrosians had originally told us the tiles would be there in two to three days, but when Ernie placed the order they told him 10 days. It actually took Bedrosians over three weeks to get us the material! Ernie said he will pick up the tiles today and deliver them to the job site tomorrow.

While we were at the job site, we talked to Troy about the living room fireplace and dining room wainscot designs.

We also painted two potential exterior colors from Kelly-Moore, Chadwick (left) and Wood Moss, on a piece of scrap plywood. We'll probably pick the Wood Moss.

Finally, we talked to Phil about testing interior colors. This weekend I'll go pick up a piece of sheetrock so we can try some different paint colors to see if we really like them.

Here's a picture of the house as it looks today, with its finish coat of stucco.

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