Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Yesterday the utility department came out and installed our gas line. Also yesterday we went to Cornelia's to look at towel bars to make sure we can find ones that will match the color of our fixtures.

Brad received quotes for the hardwood floors, the interior french door, and the lightwell and stair railings today. We're still waiting for the garage door quote as well as an updated tile quote.

Brad said Frank is going to put in a temporary garage door on Saturday while we wait for the real door to be manufactured.

Our interior doors have been delivered. Brad put them in the living room to keep them dry.

Alliance Drywall was finishing up their sanding and Aladdin Hauling was cleaning up the dust and debris inside the house.

At the job site I measured all the windows that will have shutters (and some additional ones that may have shutters). Tomorrow I'll make a cardboard mockup of a shutter so we can see what they will look like.

While I was at the job site I met Carlos who came to check out the location of the gas line. He will be doing some trenching for the lightwell drain lines and some grading.

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