Thursday, February 8, 2007

I stopped by Dana's office this morning and picked up a sample of stained wood for the kitchen color. He was able to take out some of the redness of the "rich mahogany" color by adding green to the stain.

Dana has been busy building the boxes for our kitchen cabinets. Here are some pictures of the work in progress.

For our weekly meeting with Brad today, we brought two samples of wood flooring and a sample of our kitchen cabinet stain color. Both woods (American walnut and cumaru) look great. We just have to make a decision.

We also held up a piece of cardboard, cut in the shape of a shutter, to help pick the best size for the shutters. We decided that a 16" wide shutter works well for the front windows.

Brad gave us the schedule for the next few days.
  • Tomorrow - Phil will begin priming the interior. On Saturday he may start painting the ceilings, but he probably won't get to that until next week.
  • Saturday - Frank will come out and install a temporary garage door.
  • Monday - Dana will begin installing his cabinets, starting in the basement.
  • Tuesday - Ernie will begin his tile work.
Brad also added an item to our "to do" list. We need to select the address number for our house. He needs to have one installed for the final inspection, and he wanted to let us know because it's easy, with everything else going on, to forget this one small, but important, item.

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