Friday, April 27, 2007

Another frenzied day at the job site!

This morning, the landscapers poured concrete footings for the edging of the walkway and driveway.

The pavers were delivered, and by the afternoon, they had started laying the edging.

For the driveway and walkway, we chose Calstone's Quarry Stone product in the Sierra Granite color. We're using the QS Pattern 2 for the driveway, and the QS Pattern 1 for the walkway.

The plumbers were busy today, installing shower heads and shower bars, toilets, and p-traps.

By the late afternoon, they were working on the toilets. Here is a picture of the 10" rough-in kit installed in bath #2.

And here is a toilet installed in bath #3.

The low voltage electricians finished trimming out all the wall plates, and they said they are about 1/2 way done punching down the structured wiring enclosure.

CB showers installed the three shower doors. Here they are, putting the finishing touches on the master bathroom shower.

Here's a picture of the completed shower enclosure for bath #2.

Installers from Argonaut Window & Door were also there today. They installed most of the door handles and latches for our Andersen Windows.

I think they were short one set of handles because they didn't install it and we couldn't find it in Brad's job trailer. Also, one of the auxiliary locks on the four panel doors is not working. They'll have to come back and fix all that.

While I was there, I installed doorstops on a few doors that didn't have them (I didn't want someone pushing a door handle through the sheetrock).

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