Wednesday, April 4, 2007

There were three tile crews working today. Two of them were finishing up the front porch and front entry and one was starting to work on the pantry and mud room.

Troy and his crew (Rob and Trevor) were back at work, installing baseboards in the first floor.

Russ finished the flight of stairs between the first and second floors and was starting to work on the stairs leading down to the basement.

Because there were so many crews working today, there were three tile saws in the front yard and two miter saws in the backyard. Here's a picture of Russ' setup. That's Troy (left) and Trevor in the background with their miter saw.

We met with Keith Willig, the landscape architect, and Brad this morning. Keith had two versions of sketches for us to look at. He described the various features of each, and we walked the job site with him. We told him what we liked about the two different versions, so he's going to go incorporate the features into a final plan. We'll meet again on Tuesday, but he'll send us PDF's of his work in progress so we can give more immediate feedback.

This afternoon, we ordered all of our Toto toilets from Hopefully we'll receive them in about two weeks.

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