Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today, the painters were removing masking around the trim on the first floor and starting to apply new masking for painting the walls. They also started painting the walls of the second floor, but Brad wants them to finish the bathrooms first, so that next week, when they're finished, he can bring the plumbers and electricians back to start installing fixtures.

Daniel Mendoza was meeting with Brad when I arrived at the job site. They were going over the driveway and front walkway design, and his crew was getting ready to start the rough grading.

Later in the afternoon, Brad called to say the granite installers had started drilling the slabs for the faucets and levers. He is concerned that some of the faucets will be tight fitting and he's also disappointed that in some cases, the plywood underneath the faucet location was not removed before the granite was installed (it's better to attach the faucets directly to the granite, without the plywood in between).

Also, we stopped by Dana's office in the afternoon to suggest some modifications to the mudroom cabinet and discuss the master closet organizer. He said he would enter the designs into his program and send us some drawings.

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