Monday, April 23, 2007

This morning, I emailed Dana and gave him the green light to start building the mudroom cabinet and the master closet organizer.

We were on the way to the job site to drop off the door stops when Brad called asking us to bring over some of the faucets. Leo and Ernie were there and they needed the faucets so they could figure out how to install them. Some of the holes for the handles are too close to the sink -- Leo will need to grind away some of the undersides of the sinks to make the faucets fit.

The painters have finished painting the house. Here's a picture from the window seat in the living room, looking across the front entry, towards the dining room.

Troy and Rob were there continuing to install the door handles.

The landscapers were also there still working on the driveway and walkway.

And Leonard finished installing the last part of the exterior railing, leading down to the lower courtyard.

This evening we ordered the last of our ceiling fans.

Tomorrow morning, I'm meeting with Brad, and we're going to use his pickup truck to bring all of the bathroom and lighting fixtures to the job site so that the plumbers and electricians can start installing them!

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