Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Here's a picture of the stair detail. It shows the stair ends and open skirt and also the trim that was added by Troy yesterday.

We met with Brad and Keith Willig this morning at the job site. Keith presented a landscaping plan which we really liked. The next step is for him to put together a set of detailed plans, but the drawings he gave us are good enough for Brad's landscaping contractor to work with.

A couple of Phil's painters finally showed up. They were working on the garage.

Later in the morning the electricians also showed up. They started to put in some of the boxes for the vanity lights. In a few places they had to use low-profile boxes because they encountered studs behind the sheetrock.

Russ was continuing his work on the stair rails. But this time he brought an assistant with him -- here he is cutting balusters to the correct length.

By the end of the day, all of the stair rails were in, and there were just a few adjustments remaining. Russ' assistant will be coming out tomorrow to finish up.

And finally, someone from Waterproofing Associates came to take some pictures of the material they had applied on the exterior of the foundation back in July. Brad had called them to check on it because it didn't look right to him.

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