Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Earlier in the morning, Daniel Mendoza's crew was working on the driveway and walkway. Unfortunately, they cracked the water main and created a mess in the front yard.

By the afternoon they had repaired the pipe, so hopefully they can get back to work tomorrow.

We were at the job site to meet with Keith Willig, the landscape architect. While waiting for him, we checked some of the bathrooms with Brad to see if our faucets will fit where the holes were drilled yesterday. The ones in the guest bath are going to be tight. Brad said he'll need to use a Dremel tool to carve out the underside of the sink so that the valve can fit.

When Keith showed up, we had a short meeting in Brad's job trailer. He delivered a set of drawings showing the landscape plan, including plant selection and details on the built-in BBQ grill.

Several painters were there, working on the second floor. They finished rolling their first coat of paint on the bedrooms. Here are pictures of bed #1, bed #2, bed #3, and the master bedroom.

Dana also stopped by. He delivered and installed shelves in his cabinets.

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