Thursday, April 26, 2007

The first thing I did today when I arrived at the job site was to check on the bee trap. There were only a few buzzing around the trap, but that was it -- nowhere near as many as yesterday. Hopefully the bees are gone (for now, at least).

Well, today was another busy day at the job site.

Ekrem and his crew from CB Electric Co. installed lights and switches.

Dave Bengel's crew trimmed out the low voltage outlets.

SCM Plumbing installed most of the faucets. Here is a picture of the main kitchen faucet with the island faucet in the foreground.

By noon time, the electricians had run out of things to do. They were waiting for me to pick up the ceiling fan remotes so they could install the fans in the upstairs bedrooms. So I went to Home Depot and picked up the remotes, and I also picked up strainers for laundry and craft room sinks.

For the ceiling fan remotes, I got this really cool wall switch made by Lutron. In a single gang box, in has two toggle switches -- for the fan and for the light. It also has two sliders -- a dimmer and a fan speed control. Here's a picture of the wall switch and the installed fan.

The landscapers continued to work on the driveway. We made a change to the layout based on a suggestion from Gary, and then we made another change to widen the driveway on the right side.

Yesterday, because of all the distractions, I only had time to install one ceiling speaker. Today I installed another one -- in the guest room.

Later in the afternoon, Brad and I loaded most of the toilets into his truck. He took them to the job site and I drove down to Cornelia's to pick up most of the extension kits for the plumbers (we had to order the one for the master bathroom shower).

When I returned with the extension kits, the plumbers were able to install the trim kits on the shower valves.

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