Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Brad was back on the job this morning, having returned from his vacation a couple of days ago. He gave me the run down for the next week:
  • carpets will be installed on Thursday and Friday
  • appliances will be installed on Thursday
  • floors will be buffed and finished early next week, probably Monday
Other than the punch-list we'll be giving him, he wants to be completely done by the end of next week!

On that note, he wants us to get Mendoza Landscaping started on the side-yard fences so that all of the temporary fencing can be removed -- one of the requirements prior to the final inspection.

While I was at the job site talking with Brad, I helped him install all the hand cranks on the Andersen Windows.

When I returned home, I called CB Showers, to pay an invoice and mentioned the problem with the master shower door. They said they'll go out to fix it, so I told them to call Brad and schedule a time.

I also called SolarCity. They'll come out on Friday morning to install the inverter and the DC cut-off switch.

Later in the afternoon, I returned to the job site and installed the first piece of our home automation system -- the Elk M1G controller.

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