Monday, May 21, 2007

Someone (probably Alpine Construction) had come by earlier in the morning and removed most of the barricades blocking the new sidewalk. They left just the ones on the street where the asphalt hasn't been replaced yet.

The landscapers showed up briefly this morning and compacted the driveway again.

I continued to clean up the basement. I finished most of it, but unfortunately, the door to the study is locked, and the keys Brad gave me, do not fit the lock. So I checked the other locks in the house, and it turns out the keys he gave me are for the exterior Emtek door locks. The interior door locks are supposed to be keyed differently; I think Brad forgot to give me those keys.

Just before I left today, I decided to try again, to empty the water from the whirlpool tub. It turns out the Mountain Plumbing waste overflow and drain works fine. The plumber had put duct tape over the drain, and that was preventing me from emptying the water!

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