Thursday, May 31, 2007

Now that Brad is back, the job site started buzzing with activity again.

Details the installers for Standards of Excellence arrived this morning with all of our appliances. They started the installation with the 600 lb SubZero refrigerator.

By the end of the afternoon, they had installed the drink refrigerator, dishwasher, range hood, convection oven, microwave, and warming drawer.

Tomorrow they'll be back to install the range, washing machine and dryer.

Floors To Go was also there this morning. They began their carpet installation by nailing down the tack strips and laying out the carpet backing throughout the house.

Then they used the driveway to cut pieces of carpet to size and lugged them into each of the rooms.

They installed most of the upstairs carpets by the mid-afternoon. They'll also be back tomorrow to finish their work.

SolarCity arrived later in the afternoon to install the last parts of the photovoltaic system: the inverter and the AC and DC disconnect switches. Here's a picture of Liam (left) and Thomas working on the DC disconnect switch.

Once the inverter is hooked up and powered on, we'll be generating electricity!

Brad said the hardwood flooring contractors will come out on Saturday to finish buffing and sealing the floors. He wants to let it set for two days. Then Phil and his painters will come on Tuesday to do some touch-up work. And Troy will also come to finish some odds and ends. Brad wants to have the final inspection sometime next week after he gets public works and the fire marshal to sign off on the project.

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