Friday, May 25, 2007

We met with Daniel Mendoza at the job site this morning to go over his quote and discuss a few of the details. We'll let him know early next week, just how much of it we would like him to do. Most likely, we'll have him complete all of the irrigation, trenching, and hardscape (front and back) and just the plants in the front yard. We'll probably put off doing any of the planting in the back yard.

I was able to finish vacuuming and wiping down the master bathroom this afternoon, so now I'm all done with my cleaning.

I also worked on a bunch of other stuff:
  • bath #1: I cleaned the tub.
  • bath #2: I fixed the door which wouldn't lock, and I added a missing screw to the strike plate.
  • bath #3: I cleaned the tub.
  • bedroom #2: I added a missing lock pin, and fixed its handle which was sticking.
  • craftroom: I started to fix six of the screws in the hinges which were stripped and couldn't be tightened.
Here are some random pictures since I haven't posted any in a few days.

The painted garage door, same as the body color with white trim.

The kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. These are the Alno hardware that cost about $7 each! Pardon the sawdust; I'm not cleaning the kitchen (or any other part of the first floor) until the hardwood floor installers finish their last coat.

Bath #2 knobs and pull. These are the sub $2 Lowes specials!

Other things going on (or not)....

Bonanza Heating and Air Conditioning installed only one of the two air conditioners last week. I don't know when they'll be back to install the other one.

Carlos, with Alpine Construction, never came back to patch the asphalt. I don't remember if Brad wanted me to call him -- oh well, Brad can take care of that next week, since he gets back this weekend. :-)

I don't know what happened to SolarCity. I called Sebastian last Thursday and he said he would get us scheduled to install the inverter. But I haven't heard a peep from them....

Details / Standards of Excellence called me today to ask when they should come out and install the appliances. I told them to call Brad next week.

Notes to myself (and Brad):

I want to make sure the two outlets above the vanity in bath #2 are GFI protected. I noticed that neither one is a GFI outlet, but maybe there's GFI outlet in the circuit upstream from them?

CB Showers needs to come back and adjust the shower door in the master bathroom. It's bumping into the glass partition.

Two of the master bathroom vanity lights are loose. It looks like the screws were too long, so the electrician just cut them shorter. Unfortunately that ruined the threads, and now the nut won't catch on them and can't be tightened. Also it looks like they used a pair of pliers to try and tighten the (decorative) nuts so now they're all scratched up....

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