Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today the landscapers finished up the pavers by the side door to the garage. Here's how the driveway looks.

Dana was at the job site again. He installed cabinet doors and toe kicks. Here's a picture of the master bathroom.

And a picture of bath #2.

In my meeting with Brad today, he gave me an outline of what's happening over the next couple of weeks:
  • Leo from Marblus will be coming tomorrow to drill the holes in the master tub deck.
  • The plumbers will be back on Monday or Tuesday to install the remaining fixtures.
  • Standards of Excellence will be installing the appliances onTuesday, 5/29.
  • Floors to Go will be installing the carpets on Wednesday, 5/30.
Tomorrow we're supposed to meet with Brad before Leo show up, to mark the spots of the master tub spout and valves.

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