Friday, May 4, 2007

I had a busy morning. First I stopped at Home Depot where I finally found some hinge pin door stops in satin nickel. I had been looking for them for over a week, but they were out of stock at every Home Depot I went to. Then I went to Cornelia's and picked up a new tub spout (with the longer throw) for the whirlpool tub and an extension kit for the master bathroom shower valve. Next, I went to Home Tech Solutions and bought some motion detectors for the home security system. And finally, I went to Costco and bought a couple of wire shelving units for the pantry.

The landscapers were putting the final touches on the driveway this afternoon. They also started putting down the edging on the walkway.

On the inside of the house, the flooring contractors were vacuuming the floor. It didn't look like they were ready to put on the first coat of varnish yet. Maybe they'll be doing that tomorrow.

On another note, the house address we ordered from Home Depot a couple of weeks ago, arrived this afternoon. I can't wait to hang it up!

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