Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Here's a picture of the driveway and walkway that were completed yesterday afternoon.

Brad's on vacation starting tomorrow, so today he gave us the run down for the next few days. Carlos, from Alpine Construction, should patch the asphalt by Monday, and Brad wants us to make sure all the barricades are removed by then. He told us the only sub-contractors he has scheduled are the painters. No one should be inside the house except for Dana. And Brad gave me the okay to call SolarCity to finish installing the inverter for the solar panels.

This morning the other Brian (aka Junior), from Bonanza Heating and Air Conditioning, installed one of the two AC units.

One of the painters, German, was there, masking off the garage door so that he could prime it.

Dave Bengel's crew also showed up to finish labeling and testing the structured wiring can.

I went to Home Depot and purchased some more hinge door stops. The previous ones I had bought, don't fit our hinges -- they're diameter is too small.

Back at the job site, I installed some miscellaneous window and door hardware, motion detectors, and some of the door stops.

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