Tuesday, May 1, 2007

We stopped by the job site this morning. The landscapers are continuing to make progress on the driveway, but they have a long way to go.

On the inside of the house, the hardwood flooring contractors were busy sanding the floors.

Brad showed up right after we got there. We told him about the chip in the shower door, and he asked us to call CB Showers. He also gave us a run down of what's happening over the next few days:
  • The flooring contractors will be putting on their first two coats of varnish between Thursday and Saturday.
  • Dana will be coming in to install drawer fronts and cabinet doors on Monday.
  • The electricians will be finishing up sometime next week.
  • And the carpet will be installed on Thursday and Friday of next week.
Later in the afternoon, we went to Light Point in Menlo Park to look at their pendant lights. They had some cool looking LED pendant lights from Bruck, but we'll probably stick with halogen because the LED's are not bright enough.

I also called CB Showers and arranged to meet them at the job site on Monday afternoon.

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