Monday, May 14, 2007

The contractors from Alpine Construction were there early this morning, waiting for the cement truck to show up. It finally arrived around 11 AM and they poured the cement for the sidewalk.

Daniel Mendoza's landscapers graded the back yard and cleaned up some more debris including an old brick walkway.

The electricians from CB Electric Co. installed all the remaining fixtures that we had on hand. These included the dining room chandelier, breakfast nook light, master bathroom vanity lights, and back patio fan.

They were also there to pull the electric cable through a conduit between the city's underground service and the main panel. But before they could do that, Brad had to call an inspector to do a mandrel test. Basically they pull an object through the conduit to make sure there are no obstructions. Here's a picture of the mandrel for checking our 3" conduit.

After the inspector gave his okay, the electricians pulled the very large and VERY heavy cable through the conduit. Actually, I also helped, as did Brad, one of the landscapers, and the city inspector. It took six of us (and some liquid soap borrowed from a neighbor) to get the set of three cables pulled through the conduit. Here's a picture of Ekrem standing by the main panel with the three cables sticking out on the lower left.

Back at home, I ordered three pendant lights for the kitchen island from We chose a model from Besa Lighting called Mimi in the Garnet color.

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